Jerry On The Moon

     Everyone loves to hear a band that just “gets down”. Northwest Georgia-based band Jerry on the Moon has fused the influence of artists like The Band, Stevie Wonder, and the Talking Heads with their own unique style of music, to create a contemporary sound that is indeed, timeless. Weaving personal stories into their songwriting, JOTM brings audiences to the banks of Rome’s three rivers with lyrics crafted from their personal journals, giving listeners a peak into the window of who they really are.

     This raw and exposed honesty couples perfectly with catchy hooks, screaming guitar riffs, and four musicians who are literally singing their hearts out. Jedd Lovel (drums), Steven Powers (bass), and Adam Klingensmith (guitar), and Rob Reed (Keys) are the nucleus of the group. All four gentlemen come together and light up a stage with their enthusiasm for music and performance.

     Jerry on the Moon has shared the stage with well-respected musicians who include, but are not limited to: Atlanta Rhythm Section, Dopapod, Tauk, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Copious Jones, Strung Like a Horse, Flow Tribe and CBDB. They were also frequently booked at Brother’s Bar in Jacksonville, Ala., where greats like Greg Allman and Zac Brown graced the stage.

     With the release of their newest album, Old Age Comes to Those Who Wait, JOTM has expanded the reach of their music, and are in the studio again working on the follow-up to this long awaited project.

     Whether you are enjoying a glass of “shine” around the fire pit, or catching a show at your favorite night spot, Jerry on the Moon has a sound that makes any time the right time to jam.



"It's rare that a group can recreate the live experience in studio, but Old Age Comes to Those Who Wait manages just that and refuses to stay still. The range and complexity Jerry on the Moon put on display here is something I hope more acts would strive for."


- The Equal Ground (


“Much of their music is laced with a 70s progressive rock feel, circa Pink Floyd's Animals. That's not to say they are anti-melody or anti-lyricist. Some of their songs hold a highly personal meaning through their lyrics on tunes such as “Leave it All Behind”. Others are just downright catchy, such as “Leaving Town” and “Desert Land”.”

—  Nicole Nesmith, V3 Magazine



“To say that Jerry on the Moon has had a great year is like saying golf is an outdoor sport. I don’t really know what that means but I do know that Jerry on the Moon has been building some serious momentum over the last couple of years and have been adding more material with each show that has recently been known to cause people to flat out get their groove on.”

—  Bryan Mullins,




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